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  • Brooksville is an incorporated city in Hernando County, Florida, in the United States. It is the county seat of Hernando County. It is a suburban city included in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.


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beacon theater brooksville fl

beacon theater brooksville fl – Brooksville (FL)

Brooksville (FL) (Images of America)
Brooksville   (FL)  (Images of America)
Majestic oaks welcome you to Brooksville, Florida, spreading their arms down brick streets lined with classic Victorian homes. Only 18 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, in Hernando County, Brooksville boasts the second highest elevation in Florida at about 220 feet above sea level. The city, built on seven hills, was originally named in 1858 after Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina. With roots dating back to around 1835, Brooksville had previously been known as Pierceville and Melendez. The city once labeled A‚A“the home of the tangerineA‚A” boasts a rich history. In addition to being a major citrus supplier, Brooksville has been home to many a profitable industry, including turpentine, rock mining, cattle, and tourism, which was largely driven by those wanting to visit the nearby Weeki Wachee attraction.

Gracious Old Florida Home in Brooksville, FL

Gracious Old Florida Home in Brooksville, FL
Elegant "Old Florida" homes can still be found through out Brooksville, FL.

Greyhound station 2

Greyhound station 2
The old Greyhound station in Brooksville, FL.